If you are planning to fly on American Airlines, this information will be useful to you.

Possibly you need to know about the airline company’s fare structure, which transformed not too long ago to incorporate their fundamental economy price degree. Or you might be interested to know how far a premium economic situation seat would recline if you were to upgrade.

We have actually laid out every one of the details you require below, including those troublesome additional fees (like luggage fees), inflight facilities, consumer complete satisfaction positions, and extra.

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General Info:

Airline: American Airlines

Alliance: Oneworld

Daily Flights: Nearly 6,700 

Fleet: 952

Destinations: Nearly 350 destinations worldwide

AAdvantage is the loyalty program for American Airlines where you can gain miles through flying, buying, eating in restaurants, or spending on certain charge card.

American Airlines is a part of the Oneworld partnership, which suggests you can gain AAdvantage miles by flying with any one of their Oneworld companions along with several other airline companions (including American Eagle regional trips).

If you travel consistently with American, after that it’s absolutely worth signing up-you can additionally get your way up their elite membership standings to acquire advantages such as added checked luggage, priority check-in, and no fee adjustments.

Economy Class

This begins with their entry-level fundamental economic situation, fare which made use of to be just a seat as well as a little personal thing to carry-on. Nonetheless, as part of their current baggage adjustments, you are currently permitted to bring 1 item of basic carry-on luggage.

As you can see from the table, there is no choice to alter or terminate the ticket when flying domestically or to various other short-haul destinations.

So the rates may look appealing, but it might be worth looking into American’s Flexible fare group if your journey strategies aren’t 100% and also are most likely to alter.


Destination Bags Seats Upgrading availability Changes  Boarding groap
Local-domestics US destinations, Central America, Mexico, Carribean* No free bags+

Carry-on: 1 personal item and 1 carry-on

48 hours before departure NO No Group 9**
Europe No free bags++

Carry-on: 1 personal item and 1 carry-on

When you are booking NO YES Group 8**


*Excluding these destinations: Alaska, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba, Panama, and El Salvador

**Not available for AAdvantage elite status members or eligible AAdvantage credit cardmembers

+ Not available for AAdvantage elite status members. Eligible AAdvantage credit cardmembers are exempt only when flying within the U.S. and Canada

++Not available for AAdvantage elite status members


Lowest Fare

For all destinations that American uses, you will have the alternative to choose the Lowest Fare. This will offer you the standard prices for economic (which they describe as “Main Cabin”), premium economy, business as well as first-class (if available on the trip).

On domestic, Canada, and also Mexico trips (plus some medium-haul international trips), the prices you will certainly be estimated will not include any type of examined luggage– this will certainly need to be added separately.

The cabin course common prices have different allowances for luggage allowance, qualification for upgrades, concern boarding, and change costs.

Right here is a high-level view of the different cabin classes– check out our “Inflight Amenities and Seat Specs” section below for even more detailed details on features as well as  entertainment:


Options Economy Premium Economy Business-class First-class
Luggage checked in  1 piece* 2 pieces** 2 pieces*** 2 pieces****
1 piece of carry-on + personal item Yes Yes Yes Yes


Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Priority check-in No  yes yes yes
Additional  Service to your booking, including meet and greet. No No yes yes
Access to an airport lounge for qualifying flights No No Yes Yes


* Just for transatlantic and transpacific flights. Select cities in Asia and South America get 1 extra checked bag.

**1 free checked bag only on flights to/from Hawaii.

***AAdvantage Executive Platinum members get 1 extra checked bag.

****You get 1 extra checked bag (or 2 if you’re AAdvantage Executive Platinum) On planes with business and first-class.


Flexible Fare

This price type is offered for Key Cabin and superior economic climate, business, and first-rate.

If you believe you could require to alter your trip for any kind of factor after that it may deserve considering this Flexible price, which allows you to alter your flight without sustaining a service fee (although the difference in fare would certainly still apply).

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Fully Flexible 

This price type has an offer for the Main Cabin only (and the benefits are consisted of as typical for business and first-class.

You are allowed to transform the trip up till the exact same day of travel no charges at all, though any type of price distinction will still apply. You will additionally be eligible for standby if offered on an American Airlines flight.

American Airlines Baggage & Other Fees/Add-Ons

American’s baggage allowance hinges on your location. If you’re taking a residential trip within the U.S., then you will need to add baggage if picking to fly Main Cabin (routine economic situation).

This is also relevant on some medium-haul worldwide flights to areas such as the Caribbean or Central America. Be sure to check the incorporations when looking for a flight or scheduling through their phone call center.


Luggage Charges

American Airlines Carry-On Allowance

These are applicable for all fare kinds as well as cabin courses

1 personal: FREE

1 typical carry-on: FREE


Dimension Limitations

Personal: 18 ″ x 14 ″ x 8 ″.

Standart: 22 ″ x 14 ″ x 9 ″.

American places seasonal constraints on inspected baggage throughout their busy duration.

Inspected luggage needs to not exceed 23kg for the economy and premium economy; 32kg for business as well as first-rate fares; and must not exceed max straight measurements of 62″ (158cm).


Main Cabin:


1st bag available for purchase from $30– $60 (cost-free on particular flights).

The second bag offered to purchase from $40– $100.

3rd bag offered to purchase from $150– $200.

4+ bags offered to buy from $150– $200.

** This $60 charge obtains the 1st bag in transatlantic standard economic situation.


Free Checked Baggage Allowance for Premium Classes

Prem Economy: 2 bags consisted of; 3+ for purchase for offers above

Business: 2 bags consisted of; 3+ for acquisition according to the table above

First: 2-3 bags included **; 3+ for acquisition-based on offers above

** The cost for a third bag is billed on a 2-cabin airplane; there is on the fee for a third bag on a 3-cabin aircraft


Complimentary Checked Luggage

In addition to guests flying in premiums, those with the elite condition are qualified for complimentary checked baggage.


Other Fees & Add-Ons

Change/Cancellation Charges (Money Tickets).

Same-day modification:


Main Cabin: $75– $150.

Premium Economic: n/a.

Bussines: $0.

First: $0.

$ 75 for residential, Canada as well as Caribbean; $150 for transatlantic travel in between JFK-LHR.

Clients needing added area onboard: (All cabin classes) 2nd ticket at the very same rate if arranged at the same time as purchasing the 1st ticket.

Tickets released by Reservations Division: $25 (domestic), $35 (worldwide).

Honor tickets provided by Reservations division: $30 (domestic), $40 (worldwide; fees vary by nation).

Help by Reservations Department: $50 (Applies to volunteer trip changes by consumer, not a scheduling initially developed by American Airlines Reservations or on

Tickets released by American Airlines traveling centers: $35 (A higher cost may apply in Colombia as well as Chile due to government demands).

Voluntary adjustment to the ticket before the traveling day: $200 (domestic), as much as $750 (global; charge varies relying on the type of ticket bought).

Same-day standby is free for Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, as well as Exec Platinum Participants.

Cancellation: If you terminate a nonrefundable ticket, you can use the extra worth of the ticket toward a future trip (no behind 1 year from the day your initial ticket was provided). Modification fees may apply.

Seat choice: There isn’t the framework of a straightforward price for American’s seat option; it depends on your price kind and course. Some flights do not show up to provide you the alternative to pick a seat at all, as well as Economy Basic doesn’t enable it either.

We ran a look for a trip from Dallas to London in their Main Cabin, and seat choice varied from $91-$ 128 per one-way flight.

Unaccompanied small: $150 + tax obligation (per one-way path).

Carrying a family pet as carry-on: $125 per kennel (to/from the USA and Canada, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and the Caribbean).

Transferring an animal as examined: $200 per kennel (to/from the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, Central and also South America, and the Caribbean); $150 to/from Brazil.

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Even American Airlines is never ever likely to be the most luxurious airline company around, it’s obtained an objective to obtain guests from A to B as regularly and also securely as feasible, which could be on a plane with no seatback amusement!

But it does have it’s loyal consumers, and also the costs cabin classes on the more recent Jet versions have been popular.

For domestic as well as short-haul flights though, competition is fierce, with the likes of inexpensive airline companies Alaska as well as Southwest giving American a run for its cash.

From running a few residential trip searches utilizing the same departure as well as day requirements, American’s fares were higher or equivalent to these 2 low-cost airline companies, without any notable extra offerings from American– and also they both brag greater consumer fulfillment rankings!

Nevertheless, American does have a monopoly on direct routes and accessibility, which is often where comfort surpasses personal preference.