These days, technology gives safety not only to the passengers but also to your luggage.

Many different technologies designed to help travelers such as best luggage tags, best luggage tracker. But not only.

If you like to travel a lot or you have a lot of business meetings around the world and you are afraid of your luggage, then with these locks, you will not worry about your luggage getting stolen or lost.


Using a baggage lock can aid maintain your belongings risk-free while you take a trip. From standard padlocks and tricks to state-of-the-art card locks, there are a lot of options around for you to pick from.

To aid you narrow in on your search, here’s all the info you require to understand about utilizing baggage locks, TSA authorized luggage locks, and which luggage locks might be best for you

What you need to know about luggage locks.

All locks serve, however not all locks are equivalent. When it concerns maintaining your equipment secure from injury in transit, there is a selection of different kinds of TSA Authorized locks for you to select from.

Key Locks

The most traditional of all locking devices, a good-old-fashioned lock requires the appropriate trick to open the device. On the other hand of that, be careful with that said vital! If you lose the secret, you may require to saw the lock apart to obtain access to whatever is secured within.

Combination Locks

Making use of a combination of 3 or 4 numbers, you can secure your personal belongings far from prospective thieves, without having to fret about keeping an eye on a key. A preferred selection with travelers, mix locks are an excellent option thinking you never forget the combination.

If you are forgetful, you can always save the combination on your phone get in touches with as the last 4 figures of a phone number. For fans of the TELEVISION series Lost, “John Locke” is an excellent alias to utilize for the get in touch with name.


Provided these locks are portable as well as you do not have to fret about a physical key/card obtaining shed, these locks come extremely recommended for their simplicity of use.

Cable Locks

These locks additionally open with a combination, however, they are a lot more flexible. Cable television locks can be used in a selection of situations as they have a semi-flexible cable television rather than a stiff steel clip to secure. Not just for bags and knapsacks, you can even utilize these for lockers or depositories while you are on the go.


Cord locks are an excellent different to routine combination locks as the adaptable cord supplies extra adaptability.

Retracting Cable Locks

These resemble cable locks in the feeling that you have the choice to lock your baggage to taken care of items or various other luggage, but these are relatively more convenient as the cable retracts inside the lock itself. While this sounds terrific in concept, sadly with screening, the locking mechanism seems to fail rather frequently, and also to make the wire retracting, the wire itself appears less robust than the cables utilized in the standard cord locks.

Note :

Given their tendency to fall short as well as just how very easy they are to damage, retractable cord locks are not recommended.

Key Card Locks

Similar to the cards you make use of to open up resort doors, vital card locks work extremely likewise. A little on the large side, these are handy if you wish to maintain whatever in your purse as the crucial card will certainly fit nicely in among your wallet’s credit card folds.


It’s certainly a personal choice to make use of these sorts of locks. Sadly, likewise to key locks, if you lose the card, you lose the secret, as well as you will require to cut the lock.




Price Rating
Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert – 2 Pack, one of the best luggage locks

  • Lifetime warranty
  • The SearchAlert indicator
  • Strong zinc alloy body
  • Flexible cable
  • Three-number combination
$$ 4,7
TSA Approved Luggage Lock – 4 Digit Combination padlocks with a Hardened Steel Shackle 

  • Pack of 4 that suits for family traveling
  • Ultra-durable zinc alloy bodies
  • Hardened steel shackles
  • Quick-set window design combinations of numbers 
$$ 4.6
Lumintrail TSA Approved All Metal Combination Lock

  • Two security travel locks with 2 x 4” flexible steel cables, that give you safety and security
  • Save protection from being broken into
  • Coated steel with an unbreakable steel shackle
  • 4 digit personalized combinations
  • Perfect for backpacks, bags, and suitcases
$$ 4.1
Black 4 Pack TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks

  • Pack of 4, very good for family
  • Best secure TSA Approved padlocks
  • Hard steel shackles
  • Steel tumbler system
  • Very strong the internal mechanism
  • Each has got a single key.
$$ 4.7
Master Lock Padlock, Keyed TSA-Accepted Luggage Lock

  • Set of two, perfect for family
  • Light, small and compact
  • Easy to open when inspection request
  • Full protection for your belongings
  • Durable metal body
  • Steel shackle
  • Cut resistant.
$$ 4.4

Whatever your spending plan is, where you are heading, or how much you are taking with you, there will certainly be a travel luggage lock to suit your demands and wishes. Just bear in mind, always get a TSA Approved baggage lock and also don’t fail to remember your code!