Recently, there have been many cases where for some reason your luggage is in a completely different place, not where you landed or someone accidentally takes your luggage from the carousel and disappears, without knowing it.

After all, are you going to trust the airlines and the airports?

How will you find your bag? A luggage tracker could be the answer, though it most definitely would have prevented this mishap in the first place.


You can keep tabs on your things with among these travel luggage trackers. They use different innovations, including Bluetooth as well as 3G, to aid you to locate your personal belongings throughout the world. A few of these locators can likewise be used on other things, such as tricks and also wallets, giving you more value.


What do you need to know, when you are choosing a tracking device.


Technology – be sure that this latest technology device.


Tracking range – some devices very limited to a location range while others can spot your belongings across the globe. Of course, they can be more pricey, but if you are not going to travel very far from your luggage, you need Bluetooth or GSM only.

Size is matters. Smaller is better. You can attach them to your key ring or your wallet. But another side6 a bit bigger device can have more features, that can be useful.


Battery type&life – very important. What of use of your device, if your battery died. The longer battery lifespan them better.


Features and Expectations – how are you going to use your device? Only as a tracker or something else? Are you going to receive alerts? Which features appeal to you? Easy to use or design?

Budget – how much money are you going to spend?


Here is 5 Best luggage tracker you can consider :




Tile Pro

The updated Tile Pro is the most effective track smart as well as long-lasting Bluetooth tracker, made for finding all your things. 

With a longer 400-foot range and an extra-loud ring, making it less complicated than ever to maintain valuables like premium devices, developer bags, and exterior gear findable and safe.

One of the best luggage tracker.

  • App and android easy to use
  • Variation of items to track
  • Goes with Alexa

Tile Mate

The upgraded Tile Mate is a functional smart location, cost-efficient tracker for day-to-day things. Currently with a longer 200 ft. range, Companion quickly affixes to tricks, handbags or anything else you require to track consistently.

  • App use
  • Replaceable battery
  • Waterproof

Cube Key Finder

One more innovative luggage tracker.

Cube Tracker has a range of up to 100ft and a volume of 80dB.

You can connect your Cube Tracker to numerous of things you need. Utilize it to discover your keys, phone, purse or jacket. When that thing is lost, ping Cube with your smartphone to make it ring. You can discover your phone with Cube Tracker also by sounding your mobile phone with the button on Dice. The cube will certainly make your phone ring even if your phone is quiet!

  • Two alerts system- light and sound
  • Extra battery
  • Map location
  • Waterproof 

Chipolo Ultra Thin

Chipolo’s thinnest pocketbook tag luggage that features a straightforward and sleek layout that can fit anywhere. Glide right into your pocketbook or adhere to your push-button control or perhaps laptop.

  • Bluetooth range with 60m/200ft 
  • Ultra-thin design – only 2.15mm
  • 1-year battery life

Dynotag Smart Deluxe

It is a Web-enabled, best buy gps tracker assisted QR Smart Tag that can be read using a smartphone or any modern web browser.

It’s very reliable and it doesn’t have any electronics that can break.

  • Waterproof
  • Low-cost option
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy setup
  • But a little big and bulky
  • Airport tag



Here is a video that can help you to understand more about smart locating luggage tracker: