Do you love to travel as a family? Perfect! But traveling with children isn’t easy, sometimes even stressful. They love to introduce themselves as adults and independent that why most of them want to travel with their luggage. Fair enough.

Best Luggage for kids in 2020 includes very interesting options, with pictures from kids favorite cartoons and films, but the most important thing to remember that kids curry on luggage should be small, comfortable and fun.

Here are the top 8 best kids luggage along with a few essential things you need to know. Things to Know When Purchasing the Best Luggage for Kids.

Now there are a lot of different choices and ideas on the market, but it’s important to remember about children’s needs and compacity.



Let’s have a look.


Strenght It should last a few years without any problems. Luggage with good material might cost you more but will not break down during your travel.
Design  It has to easy to push, pull and carry on around for kids. The worse thing can happen you will carry on your child luggage 
Comfort  The best luggage for kids should be comfortable not too heavy. The easier to carry on the bag the happier kid. What can be better!
Extras Extra benefits making kids busier and having more fun, they can carry on toys. Some of kids luggage have a bottle holder, drawing board, secret pockets
Easy to carry  Backpacks or Trolley? If you are going on a short trip, backpacks are perfect. If for a long trip, better to choose trolleys. But both of these styles have advantages and disadvantages.
Materials Made It depends on how often your family travel you should choose between waterproof material, hard shell versus soft, fabric or plastic etc.
Warranty The longer warranty company can offer the better, that means the company will fix any damages or even replace the bag.
Investment  If you with your children travel a lot, it is the best idea to invest in a long-life,  durable suitcase which can take the frequency of travel without breaking down.



Picture Name Feature Price Rating
Goplus Kids Carry On Luggage Set Upright Hard Side Hard Shell Suitcase Travel Trolley Large capacity & Weight $$ 4,8
TheTrunki The Original Ride-On Terrance Suitcase luggage  Sit on weight on 110 pounds $$ 4,8
Yodo Zoo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels Zip pocket $$ 4,6
American Tourister Kids’ Softside 18″ Upright, Disney Mickey Mouse 10 years warranty $$ 4,3
American Tourister Kids’ Hardside 18″ Upright, Disney Cars 10 years warranty && 4,2
ISEYMI Travel Rolling Luggage Cover Travelmarket. Hardshell protection  $$ 4,1
The Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage Zip pockets and extendable handle $$ 4,0
The Disney Pixar Cars Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage Front zip compartment $$ 4,0


Let’s take a closer look at all the details for Best Luggage for kids in 2020.


1.Goplus Kids Carry On Luggage set Upright Hard Side Hard Shell Suitcase Travel Trolley

One of the best childrens luggage set and most popular kids curry on luggage on the market made from premium products and features.  The layout is comfortable, different in colors, that why kids will simply like it. This set is definitely the most effective in class.

The set of two features a backpack along with a trolley which can be stacked on top of each other which makes them simpler to bring around. The collection is available in numerous designs for all children,  boys and girls.


High-quality Material

The Goplus Kids Continue Luggage set is made from durable nylon, ABS, as well as Polycarbonate that makes them last a long time. Youngsters can utilize the backpack and bag for an extended period of time and also parents do not need to worry about it damaging as well as the substitute expenses.

The luggage doesn’t obtain damaged conveniently as it is made from the best quality of products.

The baggage collection includes a 100% guarantee which makes certain resilience as well as high quality.

Lightweight Style

The Goplus Youngsters Carry On Travel luggage set is one of the very best luggage for kids because it includes a lightweight design which does not a problem for the kid’s shoulders. The trolley is also very easy to bring and also quite smooth so, it doesn’t posture any troubles for them.

Multi-Directional Wheels

This carry on luggage established from Goplus Children includes four long-lasting multi-directional wheels which sustain 360 degrees rolling. This permits the child to have simple flexibility and additionally allows comfortable motion.

Ergonomic Design

The Goplus Children Carry On Luggage set is designed ergonomically as well as features a dual-tube flexible pull handle and a leading grab handle for the simple lift it up and pulling.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual-tube adjustable handle for simple lifting and pulling
  • Rotatable multi-directional wheels which support 360 level rolling
  • Made hight quality material
  • Set of two features a backpack along with a trolley can be stacked on top of each other which makes them much easier to travel
  • The trolley is smooth, easy to push so, it doesn’t make any problems for the child
  • 100% guarantee means good quality


  • The surface area can be scratched easily
  • Problems with the rotation of wheels

2.Trunki The Original Ride-On Balcony Bag Ride-On Terrance Suitcase

Trunki The Original Ride-On Balcony Bag Ride-On Terrance Suitcase luggage is another best kids luggage they will like. It goes in different attractive designs and colors as well as includes the component of fun to the anxiety of taking a trip.

Carry-on Dimension

Trunki, The Original Ride-On Balcony Bag, is the right option with 20 x 18 x 10 inches when you traveling low-cost airlines.

Nevertheless, it is still an excellent idea to examine the certain demands of the airlines.

Packaging Space

While the Trunki does have a superb and also enjoyable design, it is likewise quite large. With its 14.5 gallon capability, it’s easy to take toys, books, gadgets with you, and even so there will be enough room for personal items and clothes.

Superb Playmate

One more interesting opportunity to use it at home as a toy and to collect there any objects that a child always needs.

It can be used as a seat both at home and on a trip when waiting in line for a taxi or plane.

Warranty 5 yeas warranty means it is for long-life use


  • Made hight quality hard-wearing and lightweight polypropylene
  • Suitable for charter and low-cost airlines
  • 5 years warranty
  • Spacious with 14.5-gallon capacity 


  • Have no turning wheels
  • Hinge is bit  flimsy


3.The Yodi Zoo 3-way Toddler Backpack with wheels is one of the best suitcases for kids they will like.

We can say it is kids’ favorite designs with bright, happy colors and extra space for toys or something else.


  • Pretty design
  • Very safe for use, because it is made with high-quality materials as Phthalate and BPA-free materials
  • Multifunctional use
  • Separate pocket space with a zipper gives a convenient place for toys, books, and other things that you can quickly get
  • It can be used for daycare, school holidays, and long trips.
  • Side pockets for bottles or other belongings itis best design for toddler luggage
  • Lightweight


  • Better for small children 4-5yeas old
  • some times it is a problem with a weels after a couple of years of use.


4.The American Tourister Kids Softside Upright Disney Mickey Mouse bag is one of the best kids suitcases available American Tourister Kids’ Softside 18″ Upright, Disney Mickey Mouse

This is the most beloved cartoon character with whom the kid’s journey will be happy and comfortable.

Convenient to use, with bright colors, fit for all the kind of travel neither for one-day out or long trips.


  • Kids rolling luggage
  • Hight quality of materials as we know American Tourister well known
  • 10 yeas warranty
  • The handle is very easy to pull and lift
  • Good compacity inside and very comfortable crisscross tie-down straps to keep your clothing not to move
  • Very well design with bright colors and Mikki Mouse face
  • Light in weight, than is good for kids



  • Very light. Another side of lightweight is not stable, problems with the centre of gravity
  • Problem with zip


5.The American Tourister Kids’ Hardside Upright Cars bag is one of the best childrens luggage which they will like.

The travel luggage contains high-quality and also durable ABS material and includes a smooth hard sided style with side-mounted skate wheels. The inside of the bag is all lined and the very important thing is crisscross tie-down bands to keep your belongings not moving. Bright colors make kids happy and they like to travel like an adult.



  • 10  years of warranty tells of company responsibility. Any damage can fix even replace a luggage
  • Very comfortable handle
  • Easy to lift and carry
  • Had shell bag comfortable for use
  • Mounted skate wheels giver very smooth movements 


  • No spinner wheels
  • Easy to scratch

6.The ISEYMI Travel Rolling Luggage Cover Travel Bag is one of the best kids suitcases.

Very well made with high-quality materials this case stands out of crowd.

Kids suitcases have cute and unusual design with a crafted design will not leave any child indifferent to this bag. Never go unnoticed on a conveyor luggage belt.



  • Long-life durable bag is a perfect selection for a family who likes to travel a lot
  • Made from the most effective top quality of products and features various choices of covers
  • Hardside/Hard Plastic ABS lightweight travel luggage is scratch-proof and comes with a premium quality wheelie traveling bag
  • Features a thick skin defense, is light in weight which makes it the best choice for weekend break getaways, international flights, and so on


  • Can be problems with zipper
  • Sometimes handle issues

7.Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

The Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage is one of the best rids rolling luggage.

One of the kids favorite. easy to use includes a lot of extra space with a lot of pockets where a kid can put favorite toys, snacks or something else and moreover it’s always convenient to get it quickly.



  • Wellmade with high-quality materials
  • Perfect design
  • Comfortable to use, easily expandable handle
  • Fantastic storage compacity
  • Zipped pockets inside and outside
  • Using pass-thru panel parents can take kids luggage on top theirs


  • Material not strong enough can rip if it is overloaded
  • Sometimes a problem with the zip


8.Disney Pixar Cars Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage

This Disney Pixar Cars Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage is one of the favorite best kids luggage they will like! Who doesn’t like Disney’s movie? This kid luggage looks exactly like  Lightning McQueen from Disney cartoons. It definitely will keep busy your child and entertained all trips around.


Suitable for carrying on luggage for most national and international flights (17″H x 11″W x 6″D)

  • Durable high-quality materials
  • Fantastic design
  • Double zipped


  • Too small for kids above age 5, toddler luggage
  • Sometimes problems with zipping